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Products to check out.

Watch the videos below and then see the products at your local Herrman Lumber location.

Pro-Builders and subcontractors need great, long lasting powerful tools to get the job done right and on time. Check out these Milwaukee tool videos on some amazing new tools. You can see several more on the Milwaukee tool channel on youtube at the following link.


Stop by your local Herrman Lumber location for a test drive and some great pricing on many of the tools seen here.

The National Association of Homebuilders features many educational videos about the National housing economy and many other videos about builders remodelers and policys that help shape the national housing economy.You can see these and other videos at their TV channel on youtube at the folowing link.


You can find tons of other news, articles, housing information and much more on the NAHB website link below.


The NAHB is a great source for housing data, news and the housing economy.


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