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The leader in innovative drywall and performance wallboards, CertainTeed products make your home, office or commercial property healthier, quieter and more comfortable. Built to a higher standard of consistency and strength, installation becomes easier and more efficient. CertainTeed has committed to a truly sustainable future by utilizing recycled materials and minimizing use of natural resources.

Herrman Lumber carries a broad range of Certainteed drywall products for both residential and commercial applications.

The walls you build are constructed with precision and hard work. Your building materials and suppliers need to bring that same level of performance. That’s why Herrman Lumber offers a full range of reliable CertainTeed drywall and drywall finishing solutions that make installations faster and simpler, all while helping you keep pace with demand – no matter the size, complexity, or location of the project. Stop by a showroom to see what’s new!

Residential Applications

From mold and moisture resistance to acoustic control and high durability, CertainTeed Gypsum drywall solutions will help you build better and faster in every room in the home.

Commercial Applications

For larger projects, such as buildings in the multi-family, healthcare, education, and hospitality sectors, CertainTeed offers fire-rated, acoustic, moisture resistant, and sheathing products, plus all the supporting information you need.

Featured Products

Easi-Lite 30 Lightweight Drywall

Easi-Lite® 30 drywall is a specially formulated 5/8″ interior wallboard that is up to 30% lighter than industry standard 5/8″ Type X board. Easi-Lite 30 board features a specially formulated core providing 30-minute fire resistance ratings when used in tested assemblies. Easi-Lite 30 is optimal for use in commercial applications where a 1-hour fire rating is not required. Easi-Lite 30 provides similar sag resistance to ⅝” Type X, and is up to 30% lighter.

Interior Ceiling Drywall

Designed for interior ceilings where there is a demand for sag resistance. CertainTeed Interior Ceiling Gypsum Board consists of a solid set, fire-resistive gypsum core enclosed in ivory-colored face paper and a strong liner back paper, for use on interior ceilings where framing is spaced up to 24″ (610 mm) o.c. Gypsum core is comprised of special sag-resistant additives. Interior Ceiling Gypsum Board is available in a variety of lengths.

Regular Gypsum Drywall

Regular Gypsum Board for use on interior walls and ceilings. CertainTeed Regular Gypsum Boards are an interior gypsum board that consists of a solid set, fire-resistive gypsum core enclosed in ivory colored face paper and liner back paper. Long edges are slightly tapered, allowing joints to be reinforced and concealed with joint tape and joint compound. CertainTeed Regular Gypsum Boards are available in a variety of lengths and widths.

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